Phoning customer service helplines

This is the homepage of the Customer Service Guide. Contained herein you’ll find every business contact number you could ever hope to need, from local to national. The goods or services that you require are only a click away.

What is it?

Customer Service Guide is a business directory with listings of over 1.75 million British businesses in every sector ranging from hospitality to gardening, from airlines to banks. Its comprehensive listings of UK Business telephone numbers makes it a one-stop shop for all the consumer’s business telephone number needs. If you need to contact a business for whatever reason, it’s the quick, easy and convenient way to find them. No more having to trawl a business’ website looking for the number, no more trying to track down the phone number of those without a website, no more wondering about what businesses are local to you, with the Customer Service Guide, all the information is at your fingertips.

Find what you need

If you’re searching for a tradesman, or trying to track down that elusive birthday gift, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to look. A search through Customer Service Guide’s vast database of UK businesses should hopefully point you in the right direction, with all the choices local to you right in front of you. Rather than spending hours trawling the internet for individual websites and contact details, here they all are in one convenient place.

For life’s little mishaps

When disaster strikes, be it a faulty engine or a leaky roof, you need to be able to find help fast. With the numbers of all the local experts immediately available, it becomes much easier to contact the specialist that you need. Broken window? Scores of glaziers are immediately at your disposal. Blocked toilet? More plumbers than you could ever need are right in front of you, just waiting to answer your call, so even if some are busy, there’s always another number. It’s an end to uncertainty, there is bound to be the service you need.

Life has a habit of throwing up unexpected surprises, so just knowing that the Customer Service Guide is there can help you to approach whatever life throws at you with confidence.

Eating out?

It’s not just there for the prosaic things in life. If you’re looking for a restaurant or takeaway near you, its number is guaranteed to be in the Customer Service Guide. From the humblest local cafe to the grandest three-starred Michelin place. Be it a quiet family meal os a special anniversary, the right place for you is right there, pick the phone up and book that table. Given the comprehensive nature of the listings you may even uncover a local gem that you hadn’t heard about before.

Here to help

Accessible and searchable 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. This is the place for you to find all the numbers you need. From the smallest local service to the largest multinational. The shop at the end of the street to the grandest department stores. If it’s a business in the UK, it’s in here. If it’s a phone number you need, it’s covered.

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